Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning a Range Hood

One of the most vital part of a kitchen is a well-functioning and a well-maintained range hood. This is very real if you are frequently doing heavy cooking which creates huge smoke. Range hoods are sometimes termed as vent hoods. As a matter of fact, they come in a broad variety of different features, designs, styles and sizes. However, despite these apparent differences, maintaining and cleaning a range hood is the same across the different styles and products. 

The following are some of the few tips for Charlotte hood cleaning and maintenance: 

  1. Diagnose the Problems of Your Range Hood

There are a lot of important signs which will indicate that your vent hood is already struggling to operate. It is normal for vent hoods to wear down or malfunction over time as an outcome of grease accumulation or a machinery wearing down from non-stop use. Just take note of the following cases which will tell you it is already time to conduct maintenance or make some repairs. 

Smoke is not escaping from the kitchen area even when your vent hood is set on its maximum setting. If this occurs, it might be that the vent hood duct is probably clogged or obstructed with grease. In addition to that, it might also be that the fan or blower is not functioning properly because of a worn-out or greasy motor. Lastly, the problem could be detectable to the air filter that needs to be replaced or cleaned. 

The motor is excessively loud or humming. If the motor is producing noisy sounds, it will probably be needing a thorough cleaning and proper might be rubbing against some objects that obstruct the proper functioning of the motor. This indication could be a sign that the motor definitely needs to be replaced with a brand-new one. 

The buttons or lights are not functioning. These issues could be electrical as well as can often be traced to your vent panel control board. This type of issue usually needs a professional to come repair and solve the problem. 

  1. Cleaning Your Air Filter

An air filter is a part of the vent hood which eliminates smoke and particulates from the air prior to recirculating it or sending it outside of your home. There are actually 2 types of filters such as a charcoal filter and a metal filter. Both of these types of filters can easily be removed for replacement or cleaning.  

If you have the metal filter, just remove it and place it in a small receptacle or the right container filled with plenty of degreasing agent in order to cover the filter thoroughly. Once the grease has been totally dissolved, try do a thoroughly wash in soapy and warm water. For good measure, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher. Prior to reattaching it, ensure that it is totally dry. If you have the charcoal filter, on the other hand, the process of removing it will also be much similar. However, the only difference is, you cannot clean these filters.